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Our Mission

JGC steel detailing services is a Start-up Engineering Services provider in India. Headquartered in Chennai, We specialize in providing Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering services to its clients. We are the small steel detailing group having capacity to provide the detailing services for any type of building project. It has a strong team of world class resources with a variety of skill sets. According to our manpower and team strength we can handle about 20k$ or 300 tonne worth projects.

Each individual person having 8+ years of experience in steel detailing specially with AISC standards. It has consistently helped clients cut down design and development costs of Civil, Structural, Mechanical and Plant design engineering projects by 30-50% and delivered technologically superior output to match and exceed expectations.

JGC has an in-house software development team, quality control training and troubleshooting facilities. It is the fastest growing structural steel detailing services provider in the field, with core expertise in Commercial & Industrial domains.We are working on the Tekla and SDS platform to develop the model

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